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New Zealand Cargo Ship Travel

One thing is clear: Given that you’ll be taking on the role of a passenger rather than that of a customer, you won’t find the usual conveniences on a cargo ship. There will be neither entertainers nor leisure programs or wellness amenities. The crew serves the ship and the cargo – not the passengers. Shore excursions are possible, but only permitted when agreed upon with the ship management and provided the route and schedule allow for it. Then, if you don’t return from your trip in time, the ship might put back out to sea without you. On the other hand, the ship is not obligated to stick to the port layover times stated at the point of booking, since these depend not only on the prevailing weather conditions, but also on the loading and unloading operations and the number of available cranes and manpower. Hence, layovers can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days – flexibility is of the essence.

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Freighter travel is different from using ropax ferries, which often live on the cargo, but follow passenger ship regulations to be able to ship the truck drivers as well and have other passengers as a supplemental income. These are much more like cruise ferries, although sometimes quite spartan. It is a common myth that freighter travel is cheaper than other forms of transportation, but save for a select number of regional freighters, this is essentially never the case. The overhead of carrying supplies and setting aside rooms is quite significant for New Zealand Cargo Ship Travel, compared to a long-haul flight. Comparing is difficult of course: are you paying for transport, or for food, accommodation and the experience to go for New Zealand Cargo Ship Travel?

Crossing the pond by cargo ship brings new meaning to slow travel. It’s a little known fact that you get almost anywhere in the world as a passenger on a cargo ship, without having to be a) an inanimate object or b) stowed away in a shipping container. What’s more, it’s one of the most sustainable ways to travel. Since you only account for a small percentage of “goods” on board, your presence will have no discernible impact on the efficiency of the vessel so you can sail away with a low-carbon conscience.

What’s it like to go for New Zealand Cargo Ship Travel ? The level of luxury is dependent on the carrier. Some have DVD players and state-of-the-art entertainment facilities, others have VHS and a ping pong table, but if it’s an experience you’re after then you couldn’t ask for more. Food varies from ship to ship (often depending on the nationality of the crew), and you will probably eat in the officer’s mess along with the more senior crew onboard.

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Freighter ship travel can at times be an emotional rollercoaster as it’s quite unlike anything you’ve done before. Everyone’s experience will be different but you’re certainly in for the adventure of a lifetime. we’ve first-hand experience of this alternative way to travel. It can be lonely if you travel alone and sometimes deadly boring, but with a stash of good books and a willingness to engage with the crew the time will soon be slipping away.

If you’re tempted to reach your next travel destination by container ship, be prepared to bring a lot of time – and you will be rewarded with memories beyond comparison. Trade in narrow rows of seats, endless queues, tight sightseeing schedules and fleeting impressions for a newfound type of peace and quiet, a novel sensation of distance and the priceless luxury of getting to know the ocean in its most beautiful manifestations.

Booking New Zealand Cargo Ship Travel There are several agencies who can help you to research and book cargo ship travel all over the world. I used Strand Voyages to plan my trip on the Alicante Carrier in 2009. They’ve since closed, and are now pointing travellers to one of the agencies below. Bear in mind that the number of ships and passengers is limited so all the agents have access to the same ones. With that in mind it’s probably best to choose one agent and stick with them. Generally, while there is some flexibility, ships prefer to reserve berths for those travelling over long distances, so undertaking only part of a voyage might not be possible for New Zealand Cargo Ship Travel.

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