Cargo Ship Travel Europe Book freighter Europe cruise

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Cargo Ship Travel Europe Book freighter Europe cruise

CARGOHOLIDAYS THE BEST FREIGHT CRUISE ARROUND FOR Cargo Ship Travel Europe Book freighter Europe cruise

Cargo Ship Travel Europe Book freighter Europe cruise

Essentially for Cargo Ship Travel Europe Book freighter Europe cruise, you are paying a cargo vessel to transport you along with whatever they are ferrying across the sea, usually containers these days, although some multi-purpose ships still survive and you can sail from the USA and Europe to China and Japan in a heavy-lift ship or from the Great Lakes to Europe in a grain carrier. Imagine having your own 100,000-tonner for just five passengers instead of the 5,000 that a similar-sized cruise ship might carry – many of the new container ships that serve the Far East from Europe and from California are now in this category.

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Passengers on freighters are mainly retired and early retired people who can afford the time (it takes about a day of sea travel to cover the same distance as an hour of air travel). There are also many returning students, relocating executives and their families, and people who are simply tired of air travel. Cargo vessels usually take no more than 12 passengers along, as by international safety regulations, ships carrying more than 12 passengers on international voyages are required to be constructed and equipped as passenger ships.

There are no major activities, restaurants, besides the mess hall, or other diversions aboard. No TV or radio is available, but videos and sometimes books can be found on board. Some ships have a (sea-water) pool and sauna, a gym and table tennis on board. The main activities are enjoying the sea, the weather, the birds and dolphins and the landscape while near port or close to land, or even transiting canals if that is the voyage you have chosen.

What’s it like to go for Cargo Ship Travel Europe Book freighter Europe cruise ? The level of luxury is dependent on the carrier. Some have DVD players and state-of-the-art entertainment facilities, others have VHS and a ping pong table, but if it’s an experience you’re after then you couldn’t ask for more. Food varies from ship to ship (often depending on the nationality of the crew), and you will probably eat in the officer’s mess along with the more senior crew onboard.

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Freighter ship travel can at times be an emotional rollercoaster as it’s quite unlike anything you’ve done before. Everyone’s experience will be different but you’re certainly in for the adventure of a lifetime. we’ve first-hand experience of this alternative way to travel. It can be lonely if you travel alone and sometimes deadly boring, but with a stash of good books and a willingness to engage with the crew the time will soon be slipping away.

If you’re tempted to reach your next travel destination for Cargo Ship Travel Europe Book freighter Europe cruise by container ship, be prepared to bring a lot of time – and you will be rewarded with memories beyond comparison. Trade in narrow rows of seats, endless queues, tight sightseeing schedules and fleeting impressions for a newfound type of peace and quiet, a novel sensation of distance and the priceless luxury of getting to know the ocean in its most beautiful manifestations.

Life on freighter ships can be surprisingly comfortable. There is no need to be uncomfortable on a freighter. Most of them have their own swimming pools, gyms, and saunas. The comfortably furnished cabins on these ships are often bigger than those on cruise ships.

In the old days before the advent of flying the only way to travel across the seas was on the seas. It would take a long time on these cruises and typically the conditions were less than comfortable. Today anyone can fly to the other side of the world in hours. Other people choose to travel across the seas on cruise ships that are basically massive luxury floating hotels. But freight ships offer a break from it all and an unorthodox mode of travel. Freighter Travel is much more than just getting from A to B. It is a wholly unique experience in itself. If one has a project and wants to be free from distractions (like writing a book or thesis), well there are not many distractions out on the high seas. Cargo ships often cover less touristy parts of the world which are not serviced by cruise ships Not only is it real travel but it’s one of the greenest forms of travel as you form a very small part of the container ships total cargo Cargo ships travel throughout the year unlike cruise ships which are influenced by passenger demand, this means that cruise ships often only sail in the high season (usually the summer) When you are a passenger on a cargo ship you usually get to dine with the captain of the ship and his officers The standard of passenger accommodation is generally very good with most cargo ship passenger cabins having their own toilet and shower (you don’t have to sleep in a container!) Cargo ships usually accommodated just 12 or fewer passengers (a doctor is required for more than this), so the cargo ship is not going to be over crowded with other passengers

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